Exciting Things Happening with QAC Democrats

February, 2017
What a memorable month January, 2017, has become! I am certain each of us has a
perspective on this new era; what it means to our Country, our communities and ourselves.
I believe this is one of the reasons our club membership has increased and continues to grow.
By sharing our opinions and feelings, in a welcoming atmosphere, we empathize with fellow
citizens, build solid relationships and learn to present a unified voice to express mutual
concerns. The love for our Country obligates us to speak of our disapproval to the divisiveness
being verbalized by some elected officials as we find this verbiage intolerable. Please know the
Democratic Club of Queen Anne’s County Club will continue to convey ways that will augment
your actions with all our elected officials.
The first step is the one you take. STEP UP! We need your expertise. Our goal is to maintain
our Democratic values for our County, our State and our Nation.
-Dorotheann S. Sadusky, President, Democratic Club of Queen Anne’s County

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