Hogan Refuses to Defend the Bay

Queen Anne’s County was honored to host Senator Ben Cardin and a delegation of other representatives to draw attention to the threat the Trump administration poses to efforts to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. In response to Trump’s unbelievable proposal to eliminate federal funding for Bay cleanup entirely, these Democratic lawmakers demanded a $100 million commitment from the federal government and called out national Republicans for this indefensible proposal.

Conspicuous in his desire to avoid the topic, on the other hand, is Governor Larry Hogan. Despite numerous calls from Democrats and community groups worried about the Bay’s future urging. the Governor to speak out in defense of our economic and environmental treasure, Hogan has yet to publicly condemn the Trump administration on this point. This is becoming a pattern for Hogan, who refused to endorse Trump during the Presidential race and even claiming not to have voted for his party’s nominee, now seems unable, or unwilling to find any issue on which to defend the interests of Maryland and its citizens from Trump’s dangerous agenda. Our Governor pointedly refused to comment when a 5 year old Marylander was detained for hours as a result of Trump’s disastrous Muslim ban order. He has been silent on the fate of the tens of thousands of Marylanders who will lose their health insurance if Congressional Republicans’ repeal of the Affordable Care Act is enacted. Now decades of work on clean water and safe accommodation of shipping, fisheries, and tourism are being jeopardized by Hogan’s fear of crossing Trump.

While past instances might reasonably have been chalked up to the normal disagreements between the parties on matters of political issues, the Bay is and should be a different story. The health and strength of the Bay is vitally important to ALL of us, not just in Maryland but in the entire Chesapeake region.The Bay is central to our local economy, culture, and quality of life, it’s health and vitality should truly be a matter of bi-partisan concern, and we deserve political leaders who are committed to protecting it for years and decades to come. Governor Hogan’s cowardly equivocation has gone on long enough. It’s time for the Governor to put the interests of the citizens of Maryland ahead those of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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