Queen Anne’s County Democratic Club Membership Dues:

$20 Individual or $35 Household or $10 Student


We have two ways to join or renew your membership:

  • Online using your Credit Card or PayPal account

Complete a short information form and then pay for your membership.

  • By mailing a check

Download/print our Membership Renewal/New Member Form, fill in your information and return it with your check.

Please make your check payable to the Democratic Club of QAC and mail to:

Democratic Club of Queen Anne’s County
600B Abruzzi Drive #134
Chester, MD 21619

Also let us know if would you like to volunteer!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QACDems/

E-mail: qacdemsclub@gmail.com

Other ways to give:

Donate to the 2022 Victory Fund.
Any amount is welcome!

Donations to the Club support its activities throughout the year. The Club’s “Victory Fund” may donate up to $6,000 total (during each four-year election cycle) to the DCC.

Donate to the Democratic Central Committee through ActBLUE!

Donations directed to the QAC-DCC will be used for sustaining an election headquarters, printing campaign literature, helping candidates, and sponsoring forums, debates, and events.