Democratic Club of Queen Anne’s County

The Democratic Club gathers like-minded people who support democratic values in the community. The Club meets monthly, holds special events like our summer picnic, awareness and fundraising events, participates in rallies and community events like the County Fair, and supports the Democratic Central Committee (DCC) in promoting Democratic candidates for office.

The Club’s “Victory Fund” may donate up to $6,000 total (during each four-year election cycle) to the DCC. Donations to the Club also support its own activities throughout the year. Donations made here go directly to the Democratic Club of Queen Anne’s County.

Make a donation at one of the listed levels or donate the amount of your choice. No donation is too small!

$125 – Red    $250 – White   $500 – Blue

Monthly donations are especially helpful to the club. When you make your donation, please consider checking the box to Make this a monthly donation.

Please note that donations to political organizations or campaigns are not tax deductible.